This Body

This flesh knows how to think,
To soar free and to sink,
To wallow in despair,
To comfort and to care.

These hands know how to hold,
How to grasp and let go
Of the dreams deep inside
Born of love, lust and pride.

These feet know how to move
In patterns meant to soothe,
How to walk endlessly
And be still as the reed.

This mouth knows how to form
Words of love and of scorn,
Words to bind and release
The lover and the beast.

These eyes know how to close,
How to see through harsh blows.
When weak men blind themselves,
These eyes don’t flinch from hell.

These ears know how to hear
Unspoken hopes and fears,
All the things men inspire;
Honest lives and liars.

This nose knows how to scent
The sinners who repent
And the saints who forget
Why blood is often spent.

Vradin, Chapter Forty-One

I set aside the thought that maybe Tank only liked me for this “aura of serenity” thing, and caught a sense of stomach curdling fear and despair from Tank. From the way Aiden talked about Luna vradins and all, I figured he had no plans to see me walk away on a permanent basis, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t go home. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Forty-One”

Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Nine

I had turned into some big scaly thing. There was a rather big problem with this picture. I mean, really? What kind of drugs had the guys who abducted me shot me up with? I had to be higher than the Empire State Building and hallucinating. That made a lot more sense than me, the mouse, having an inner apex predator — because, seriously, anything that big with claws or talons or what ever you call them that were freaking like six inches of slice and dice hardware had to be an apex predator. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Nine”

Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Eight

By the angle of light in the room, Aiden estimated he had only been asleep for three eight-marks when the wave of panic rushed over him. He was already in fighting form and at the door to the Luna’s room when conscious thought crashed over him, but the fear the guards displayed made him pause. They weren’t charging into the room, and the scent of vradin drake was heavy in the air. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Eight”

Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Seven

I must have slept the night through because there was light spilling in from the windows when I awoke, gaining in intensity as I watched the walls and went over the events of my prior waking.

I had a lot of questions to address, but a few things had been made pretty clear. First, this really was not the world I grew up in, and all the social rules I knew were up in the air. Second, for reasons as yet unknown, the head honcho here wanted me to stay. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Seven”

Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Six

Aiden’s necessary posturing and arbitration done for the moment, he retired to the training yard, and the pleasure of assisting his garts in drilling the younger keasairs and those who were yet hopeful of attaining that honor. Though he hid his delight of the younger vradin’s antics behind a solemn facade, he often thought that it was this joy that kept him in his peak, instead of starting the long slide into the fade that Healer had begun this past century. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Six”