Vradin, Chapter Fourteen

I had gotten two texts from Jody during the hospital trip. The first was her letting me know that they were done with her and her sisters at the police station and asking where the hell I was. I made Dan send her a text back filling her in on the happenings. He had added a note not to wait up for me. A little later, she had texted that Carl was a sweetie, her sisters were home safe, and she was couch surfing, no worries about coming in the apartment loud. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Fourteen”

Vradin, Chapter Eleven

Carl managed to persuade all of the Garcia sisters to join him at the movies, and got them to gang up on me to join them by mentioning that I had been cleaning the oven when he arrived. Jody drove us to the theater, with Carl taking his own ride. As a construction foreman, it was hardly surprising that he drove a truck about as big as he was, and unlike most of the rednecks out of Roy, he actually knew how to handle the rig in city traffic and park without taking over three parking spots. That even managed to impress Melissa, but she quickly blew it off. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Eleven”

Vradin, Chapter Ten

Rent came due by the end of the week, and I have to admit that I was not comfortable leaving such pesky little details like paying bills on time to my roommate. Jody always had the money for what she bought; that was never the problem. She just always forgot to do things like buy stamps and walk down to the letter box or over to the property manager’s office and hand over the money. I would love if we could deny it, but she’s right to credit me with the improvement in her credit score. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Ten”

Vradin, Chapter Eight

Tank had a pretty swank two story in Federal Way done up in a lot of natural woods and stone. There was a lot of space for a bachelor, but a lot of guys, some from Carl’s crew, cycled by so the place never felt empty. They were all at least polite to me, and most of the guys seemed genuinely interested in my recovery.

Jody filled me in on the fall out from taking Carl along on my errand. I felt punched in the gut all over again as the first echos of those memories started to come back to me. At least I didn’t need to inform Joe that I wouldn’t be at work for a while. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Eight”

Vradin, Chapter Seven

The past couple of days had been both bliss and a different kind of temptation for Tank. Asleep and resting, the Peaceful had filled his den with a kind of relaxation that he hadn’t felt in so long he wasn’t sure he had ever felt so … at peace. Her nightmares, though, they bothered him. She seemed to both crave and loathe the dark. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Seven”


So, it turns out that Finals week and the one just before it kicked my brain in. I didn’t check that my post explaining that I was going to focus on passing my classes actually posted. I apologize for the incommunicado that snafu caused.

BTW, I finally passed Calc II!!! My Physics class didn’t turn out so good, but at least I don’t have to try retaking that and “the second hardest” math class offered at our school at the same time (according to the Math Tutor Center Coordinator. The hardest math class is supposed to be the combined Differential Equations and Linear Algebra class).

Anyhow, I’m getting more of the stories formatted for posting. The next excerpt will be up by this evening.

Vradin, Chapter Six

There was something over my eyes, something kind of fuzzy and drapy all at the same time that made it feel very different from my pillow. There was also something warm all along my side and a weight across my stomach. As I breathed in, I realized that nothing smelled right. I shifted under the weight on my stomach, still trying to decide how concerned I should be about all this, and slid along sheets that were far and away slicker than any I had ever owned. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Six”