Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Six

Aiden’s necessary posturing and arbitration done for the moment, he retired to the training yard, and the pleasure of assisting his garts in drilling the younger keasairs and those who were yet hopeful of attaining that honor. Though he hid his delight of the younger vradin’s antics behind a solemn facade, he often thought that it was this joy that kept him in his peak, instead of starting the long slide into the fade that Healer had begun this past century. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Six”

Vradin, Chaper Thirty-Five

Omric led me to a different room than the one in which I had awoken, farther down in the castle, or whatever these guys called the stone structure we were inside. This time, Intimidating Woman and one of the guys who had walked with us before trailed after us. The woman made the back of my neck twitch with nerves, she was just so much a bundle of potential energy, so much so that I stopped and gestured for her to walk beside me. The two guards looked a little surprised, but after flicking a glance to Omric, she did so. Continue reading “Vradin, Chaper Thirty-Five”

Vradin, Chaper Thirty-Four

I was officially freaked out. The whole stone walls thing, well, that could just be someone who likes masonry. A lot of masonry, because, seriously, I’ve seen castles on T.V. that were smaller than this chilly piece of real estate. The lights on the walls were kind of strange, but it’s not like they were torches or anything. They just didn’t seem to have light bulbs in the middle or LEDs or anything like that. Continue reading “Vradin, Chaper Thirty-Four”

Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Two

The ticks managed to stretch their lead from the hour and a half they had at the start of the pack’s run through the Door to a nearly eight hour lead by nightfall. Tank decided to push on. The richness of the blessings in Nimala meant that not even the pups being overseen by his second were yet tired, and the moon was full, giving plenty of light. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Two”