Let's tackle the five W's on this page, but not in the typical order.

What am I putting up here? Words that I've written, mostly strung together to form short stories, prose, poetry and maybe an essay or two.

Why am I doing this? In large part, because I can. I've been writing a lot of the content that will show up in this blog simply because the muse moves me, and the stories are stuck playing in my head. Writing at least frees my imagination from a particular scene, though not always from a turn of phrase.

When will this site update? I'm starting with the idea of weekly updates.

How? Delivered to you via the magic of the InterWebs! A lot of this has been written for a while, so there's no shortage of content to come.

Who's doing all this? Me. Shay Holmes. I don't think I'm particularly interesting, but if you want to know more, check out my profile at left.

Where can you find me? Well, here for the moment and at Facebook

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