Margret cried on the side of the playground. Margret always cried on the side of the playground. She hid it well, but there was an air to the crybabies that made them such delicious prey. Lizzie and her friends watched Margret out of the corners of their eyes, waiting. Lately, the teachers monitoring recess had begun to watch out for Margret, as if they sensed how vulnerable she was, but they couldn’t watch out for her all the time. Continue reading “Sand”

Some updates

Just bringing attention to a few bits of housekeeping. I’ve added in pages to help keep track of the various selections of recreational reading available. I’ll keep the links up to date, but details for particular universes I write in will be updated more as time permits.

Also, keeping up with the TTS for the pages is a little more time consuming than I had hoped, which means those updates will happen after the Spring semester.

Last, but not least, I plan to post the chapters in the Vradin story every Thursday, and may add in bonus updates of different material in between. Some of the chapters are on the short side, so if it looks like a shorter chapter, look for another chapter to post by Sunday.

Have fun!

Shay H.

Vradin, Chapter One

My demarcation day started, like any other typical day in Western Washington, in the rain. Before that day, my life was normal, or as normal as any life gets. Mundane. Certainly, I never dreamed that shape shifters were real, and the only people I knew who thought magic wasn’t an act you went to Vegas to check out wore pentacles and talked up Wicca.

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