Vradin, Chapter Nine

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“Fuck all!” Tank growled, cracking the handle on the phone as he slammed it back into it’s receiver.

“We really should have got Zoe’s phone number while we had the chance, eh?” Jimmy asked. He shrank back from the dawning Rage in his ulfgart’s gaze as Tank whirled on him.

Brawn cleared his throat and asked, “So, what happened?”

Tank took a few deep breaths, calming himself and bottling back a Rage he hadn’t had to deal with for nearly a blessed week. He closed his eyes and conjured the memory of her naked scent, and felt a margin of that Peace settle over him.

When he was sure he could speak like a civilized being and not a raging beast, he said, “I don’t know. She’s allowed herself to be diverted from talk of leaving for most of the week, so why she felt the need to sneak away baffles me.”

“Did something happen between you two?” Brawn asked, his voice mild.

Tank felt a snarl rip through him. “No!”

The pack leaned back, including Brawn. His second also raised his eyebrows. “I take it not because you would have denied her. She is fairly young, not even twenty. I wonder if she even knows who she is.”

Tank tensed and asked, “What the hell does that even have to do with anything?”

Brawn just shrugged, taking care not to make eye contact. “Some people who haven’t figured out who they are, they have a hard time speaking up to people who do. Know who they are, that is, and not just that, but what they want. She’s nineteen, and from what I’ve gathered the last authority figure she really connected with was her step mother, the one who died during her junior year. She’s either bent to her father’s will or rebelled against it, and the rebelling only really started after she turned eighteen. You saw the relationship she has with the new step mother. Even after telling me flat out that you scare her, she still preferred being at your mercy to the mercy of that bit of a shrew.”

Jimmy chimed in. “It’s not like she knows what she is to us. I’m not second-guessing you! But, to her, why would you open your door? And you haven’t made a pass at her, then maybe she’s just trampling on your good nature.”

Tank felt his wolf settle. “She isn’t a dominate one, is she?”

Brawn shook his head. “She’s definitely not an aggressive type. I don’t know if she knows whether she leads or follows yet.”

Tank nodded, and he felt his inner wolf stretch and flex. He would not hand his pack over to her, but he could try turning the tables. If he wrapped the Peaceful around his finger, well, there were much worse fates than to be mated to a Peaceful.