Vradin, Chapter Twelve

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Tank and Carl escorted the girls to their car. Tank was pleased to hear the happy purr of the Cadillac’s engine as Jody started it up. He did not have to tell Carl to escort the ladies home, nor to confirm that he would be doing the same.

Except Malcolm was waiting beside Tank’s BMW. The tick was small for a modern day man, but not remarkably so, no taller than five foot six. He had his brown hair slicked back into a queue at the base of his skull, and his craggy features were on full display, a bit of a rarity for the blood sucker. He wore slacks, loafers, and a pull over sweater.

“Tell me, ulfgart, is she a good enough lay to risk instigating a war on a whim?” the smarmy ass asked, pseudo pleasantly.

“Obviously Silas hasn’t told you how expendable you are,” Tank rejoined, his tone as falsely pleasant.

Malcolm let a hint of his true venomous self peek through before quickly masking it again. “Silas is an old, doddering fool who will not be around much longer. It would be wise to establish good relations with his successor before-”

Tank barked out a laugh, cutting Malcolm off mid sentence. With a vicious grin on his face, Tank said, “Malcolm, let’s just be clear here: I’ll kill you before I let you take over the Seattle House of Stars, if you manage to out live Silas, and I’ll take as much of your nest with you as get in my way. You made your bed. There is no reparation you can make that can undo your damage. Now, get the fuck out of my way or I’ll be scattering your dust before dawn.”

Muscles clenched in the tick’s jaw, and a hint of the Fury lightened the color of his eyes, but he, unfortunately by Tank’s way of thinking, walked away.

Tank let his nose confirm that the tick had done something to his car, a tracking device on the bottom of the rear bumper, and made a slightly more thorough check for explosives or the like. Satisfied that the tracking device was the only mischief, he called up Carl.

“Sorry, boss man,” his second greeted him. “I got held up by a chatty tick.”

Suspicion tightened Tank’s stomach. “He try to place a tracker on your car?”

There was a moment’s pause. “Cruma patoi! I was in a hurry to catch up with the girls and forgot to check, my bad. I’ll take care of that now-”

“Do you have a visual on the girls?” Tank cut him off. What was done was done.

“No, haven’t caught up to them yet.”

“Okay, stop, check for the trackers. I got held up, too. We’ll meet at their parking lot. Watch for tails. The one who showed up before the show is near to being put down, and I think he’s already attached himself to our Peaceful. There’s no telling how damn stupid he’ll be.”

“Ayup,” Carl said.

Tank hung up and took off out of the theater parking lot.