This Body

This flesh knows how to think,
To soar free and to sink,
To wallow in despair,
To comfort and to care.

These hands know how to hold,
How to grasp and let go
Of the dreams deep inside
Born of love, lust and pride.

These feet know how to move
In patterns meant to soothe,
How to walk endlessly
And be still as the reed.

This mouth knows how to form
Words of love and of scorn,
Words to bind and release
The lover and the beast.

These eyes know how to close,
How to see through harsh blows.
When weak men blind themselves,
These eyes don’t flinch from hell.

These ears know how to hear
Unspoken hopes and fears,
All the things men inspire;
Honest lives and liars.

This nose knows how to scent
The sinners who repent
And the saints who forget
Why blood is often spent.