Vradin, Chaper Thirty-Five

Omric led me to a different room than the one in which I had awoken, farther down in the castle, or whatever these guys called the stone structure we were inside. This time, Intimidating Woman and one of the guys who had walked with us before trailed after us. The woman made the back of my neck twitch with nerves, she was just so much a bundle of potential energy, so much so that I stopped and gestured for her to walk beside me. The two guards looked a little surprised, but after flicking a glance to Omric, she did so. Continue reading “Vradin, Chaper Thirty-Five”

Vradin, Chaper Thirty-Four

I was officially freaked out. The whole stone walls thing, well, that could just be someone who likes masonry. A lot of masonry, because, seriously, I’ve seen castles on T.V. that were smaller than this chilly piece of real estate. The lights on the walls were kind of strange, but it’s not like they were torches or anything. They just didn’t seem to have light bulbs in the middle or LEDs or anything like that. Continue reading “Vradin, Chaper Thirty-Four”

Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Two

The ticks managed to stretch their lead from the hour and a half they had at the start of the pack’s run through the Door to a nearly eight hour lead by nightfall. Tank decided to push on. The richness of the blessings in Nimala meant that not even the pups being overseen by his second were yet tired, and the moon was full, giving plenty of light. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty-Two”

Vradin, Chapter Thirty-One

The delay in crossing over put the pack nearly an hour and a half behind the vampires. The tracks showed that there were only two of them, and they were trading the burden of Zoe’s weight between them. On one hand, that was good. Forty vradin in a knock down fight versus two Night Kind was thirty nine vradin of over kill. On the other, it was bad. Two Night Kind could run faster scared than even one vradin could run wicked pissed. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty-One”

Vradin, Chapter Thirty

Waking up sucked. For one, there was a lot of light around me, stabbing into my eyes like (dare I say it?) knitting needles (shudder). Seriously, knitting needles — especially those aluminum ones that are so cheap in the craft stores — are dangerous. They’re just blunt enough to hurt that much more when a person with sufficient strength decides to use them like a shiv to the kidneys. I have to admit, the whole learning how to find dangerous items in every day objects had not done wonders for my nerves. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Thirty”

Vradin, Chapter Twenty-Eight

Tank got the text from Zoe, complete with pretty picture, and felt the blood chill in his veins. She had captured a pair of night kind driving a silver Honda Civic pulling up to the gas station in her photo. Tank was in the beemer and heading after her while he tried to get her on the line to warn her of the danger, but she did not answer his call. She did not send him another text. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Twenty-Eight”

Vradin, Chapter Twenty-Six

We had agreed that Jody and I would stay with Tank for a week and “reassess” after that. Jody decided that she wanted her space after six days without any sign of the creepy guys. Tank and I were a little too much involved in the whole bunny humping thing, and he encouraged me to bring over more and more of my things. Continue reading “Vradin, Chapter Twenty-Six”